Amboina King Parrot – The General Facts

The Amboina King parrot which can also be referred to as the Ambon King or Moluccan King parrot is one of three species of parrot that are part of the King parrot family.. King parrots are to be found in the South East region of the globe, specifically Indonesia, Australia and Papua New Guinea. The Amboina King however is only found on the islands that make up Indonesia and in West Papua.

As with many species of parrot the numbers for the Amboina are diminishing and this is due to the loss of their natural habitat for farming requirements and construction projects from humans. Also there is an active parrot trade, so many Amboina Kings are captured to be exported and sold as pets. At the moment of writing this article however, the Amboina Kings are still a common sight on the small islands of Halmahera, Buru and Sula and so are not considered to be in immediate danger and have an IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and BirdLife International status of ‘Least Concern’ which affords them no unilateral protection.

Amboina Kings are considered one of the most striking and beautiful parrots with their bright red chest and underside and vividly contrasting blue backs and green wings. They also have dashes of electric blue on their wing coverts and tail feathers. A fully grown adult will measure between 13 to 15 inches and are considered to be at the larger end of the medium sized parrots and have a life expectancy of between 25 to 35 years.

Along with their beautiful plumage, another reason why these parrots are so popular as pets is because of the temperament. Normally parrot ownership is a trade off between highly engaging characters who require a lot of care and attention as well as understanding but the Amboina King is one of the quieter and better behaved species of parrot. They still require daily interaction and stimulus to stave off boredom but they are better able to amuse themselves and are less destructive than other similar sized parrots.

Also another positive feature of their behavior, especially when we are talking about the Amboina King as a pet and that is they are quieter than many other species of parrot. So when you add all of the positive attributes together you can see why they are such a popular choice of pet for so many people, even though they are quite expensive to buy. They can cost anywhere from around $500 to $800 depending on your location.

The Amboina King parrot will make a fabulous pet for anyone who is looking for an attractive, intelligent and engaging companion.

Source by Robert Markman