Unique Names For Rabbits – Never Be Stuck With Bunnykins Again

Looking for great names for rabbits? Sick of the usual boring suspects? Check out our unique, fun names below and you’ll never have to resort to ‘Bunnykins’ again, unless you want to of course!

Bunny-Aid: Famous singers

Does your bunny fancy himself as a rock star? Loves to be the centre of attention? Pick a great name to go with that attitude.

Names for boy rabbits: Elvis, Bono, Sting, Marley, Prince, Bowie, Ziggy, Axl, Mick, Kurt, Ringo, Robbie, Jools, Eminem, Usher, Moby, Seal, Snoop, Fiddy, Buble.

Names for girl rabbits: Cher, Fergie, Madonna, Beyonce, Lady GaGa, K.d, Britney, Dido, Mariah, Kelly, Amy, Carrie, Taylor, Pink, Alicia, Avril, Jewel, Gwen.

Pass Me My RayBuns: Designer bunny names

Gucci, Dolce, Gabbana, D&G, RayBan, Prada, Hugo, Fendi, Calvin, Giorgio, Armani, Jean Paul, Gaultier, Kors, Oscar, Versace, Vera, Choo, Manolo, Miu Miu.

Meant For Each Other: Names for pairs of rabbits

Salt & Pepper, Bubble & Squeak, Arthur & Martha, George & Mildred, Superman & Lois Lane, Tom & Jerry, Milo & Otis, Batman & Robin, Hansel & Gretel, Asterix & Obelix, Barbie & Ken, Barnes & Noble, Ben & Jerry, Wallace & Gromit, Venus & Serena, Victoria & Albert, Edward & Mrs Simpson, Rhubarb & Custard, Rock (Hudson) & Doris (Day), Homer & Marge, Gin & Tonic (or G&T), Calvin & Hobbes, Chip & Dale.

Don’t Fence Me In: For the bunny who’s a rebel at heart

James Dean, Courtney, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Dirty Harry, Bonnie & Clyde (see ‘Bunny Love’ above for more names for rabbit pairs).

Oh You Smell So Sweet: Names from famous perfumes

Chanel, Coco, Envy, CK, No5, Angel, Allure, Anais, Eden, Paris, Joy, Miss Dior, Diorelle, Diorling, Charlie, Crystelle, Cinnabar, Bluebelle, Giorgio, Lou Lou, Samsara, Tommy Girl, Organza.

Just Too Cute

These names are for that extra special, gentle bun that needs something really cute.

Crumbles, Poppy, Pinks, Bumble, Brambles, Marcello, Squeakle, Tartuffo (truffle in Italian), Winkles, Po (the baby of the Teletubbies, Crinkle, Jelly Bean.

Source by Abbey Mitchell

Which is Better – A Wooden Rabbit Hutch Or Rabbit Cage?

One of the more important decisions to make when acquiring a rabbit as a pet is the choice of an enclosure. You will be asking which one is better: a wooden rabbit hutch or a metal rabbit cage. Your answer to such a question will, of course, depend on the pros and cons of each product.

Let’s talk about styles first. Both the wooden hutch and the metal cage come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. You can choose from simple one-story to grand two-story hutches and cages, both of which offer plenty of space depending on the size of the rabbit occupying the enclosure itself. Contrary to popular notion, a rabbit cage is not the stereotypical cramped wire jail since the modern cages boast of plenty of space along with a detachable accessory like a run.

Metal cages are usually made from small wires. As such, these are easy to clean especially with the removable bottom floor. For two-story cages, the solid floor can be found on the upper half.

You will also find simple cages with hard floorings made from metal. But no matter which of the two types you choose – wire or solid flooring – you still need to provide cover and beddings for the protection of the rabbit’s soft paws.

On the positive side, aside from the ease of cleaning of metal cages, you can also easily transport them to wherever it is that you may be going. Just fold the cage and you are all set to go.

On the other hand, a wooden rabbit hutch also offers good shelter for your pet. You also have the choice of a two-story model that offers plenty of space for the bunny while allowing for ease of cleaning the hutch and easy access to the rabbit.

However, a wooden hutch is not as portable as a metal cage. In fact, it is advisable to position them in a relatively stable place. With wooden luxury models, you can provide for excellent care for your bunny, thanks to the bunny walkways, spacious runs and raised sleeping quarters.

Both the wooden hutch and the metal cage can be located in an outdoor area. Of course, even in an outdoor area with plenty of space, your pet’s enclosure will be crowded when multiple rabbits are placed inside. So, do keep to the maximum number of rabbits for each enclosure, as recommended by the manufacturer.

When followed, the enclosure can provide for adequate room in which to sleep, eat and move around in for your rabbit. Nowadays, cages are increasingly becoming preferred methods of housing rabbits, which is a far cry from past years when cages were seen as ugly ways to do so.

So, when you are deciding which one is a better buy, remember that it depends on your purpose. Generally speaking, a wooden hutch is good for outdoor areas while a metal cage is sufficient inside the house.

Source by David Simonson