great dane puppy

A Healthy Dog

Keeping a dog healthy and content is neither as easy nor as difficult as many people think. What it takes is an owner who is willing to devote the necessary time and energy to exercise, train, groom, and attend to the other needs of their pet. Conscientious dog care actually begins before you buy the dog, by realistically evaluating the time you have to spend on a dog and opting for a breed whose needs do not outstrip your resources.  Good dog care is the dog owner’s responsibility.  A healthy dog requires proper nutrition, regular grooming and exercise sessions, training for good behavior and plenty of love.  Don’t forget that even a well cared for, healthy dog needs to be examined and vaccinated regularly by a veterinarian.  Although dogs can’t come right out and announce how they feel, the alert owner can always tell something is not quite right by changes in the dog’s normal appearance or behavior. Each dog is unique, with its own characteristics, appearance, and personality.  What may be normal for one dog may not be for another; only the dog’s owner and the way your dog acts and looks form day to day.  Changes in appearance or behavior could be clues to possible illness.   Knowing your dogs personality can keep you aware to your dogs health and well being. Have fun with them and spend time with them to keep there mental health good.

Healthy puppy